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Today's natural product shopper is confused by the increasing number of overlapping and even contradictory messages, claims, labels, certifications and symbols they encounter when making purchasing decisions.

We believe brick-and-mortar retailers are uniquely positioned to help shoppers navigate the confusion, but they too can find themselves overwhelmed.

So we're building an online education and training network that
makes it easier for retailers to access and manage information,
engage their teams in learning, and help shoppers
find and support the values that matter to them most.

Make sure your message is understood. Eliminate the confusion.

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Partner Program Our Partner Program enables brokers, distributors and marketing agencies to plan, build, and market brand communication and training programs through, extending Partners' capabilities and creating new ways for brands to connect with their customers.

Referral Program For thentic retail members only. Earn a one-month account credit for every brand you refer who joins.

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